time for an upgrade

We're transitioning to shorter, thinner needles.

Why the transition?

Compared to longer and/or larger needles, short and thin needles are associated with:

Little to no pain, and
less risk of injecting into the muscle.1-3

As a result, some of our longer, thicker needles will be discontinued.

What are my transition options?

What are my transition options? What are my transition options? What are my transition options?

Why should I upgrade to NovoFine® Plus?

NovoFine® Plus 32G 4mm is designed to make injections more comfortable for you

Comfort-base technology

comfort base technology

Flat, comfort-base technology eliminates discomfort caused by narrow, hard plastic needle bases

Less pain associated with ultra-thin 32G, the thickness of 2 human hairs1,2,4

Less risk of injecting into the muscle with 4 mm length3

Unique needle design to reduce the risk of bending or breakage7

SuperFlow™ technology

superflow technology SuperFlowTM technology, with its extra-thin wall, allows for 31% higher flow

Reduced injection time and force with SuperFlowTM technology6

Universal compatibility

Universal compatibilityCompatible with all insulin and GLP-1 pen devices in Canada8

Suitable for people of all ages and weights5

Receive $25 off your
first box of
NovoFine® Plus

Rebate offer expires December 31, 2016.


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