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NovoFine Plus

Ultra-thin. Ultra-short.

Designed to make injections more comfortable for you

This innovative needle uses flat, comfort-base technology to eliminate discomfort caused by narrow, hard plastic needle bases. And there's less pain associated with the ultra-thin 32G needle (it's the thickness of 2 human hairs) and less risk of injecting into the muscle with the 4 mm length.1,2,3,4


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Choosing the right needle is essential to safe, accurate and pain free insulin injections. Shorter, thinner needles are associated with little to no pain.

novofine R

A simple-to-use screw-on needle

Micro-polished and silicone coated, this needle creates a silky smooth injection that requires less force than other needles and is virtually painless. Each needle is coated with a lubricant that eases the tip painlessly into the skin.

Universal Compatibility

NovoFine Plus 32G 4mm
NovoFine 32G 6mm
NovoFine 30G 8mm


A unique bayonet attachment that allows you to "just twist" to attach the needle

A thin needle with 'just twist' technology that makes attaching and detaching needles to all Novo Nordisk pens fast and easy, allowing you to hear and feel that your needle has been properly attached.

NovoTwist 32G 5mm

novofine R Autocover TM

A screw-on needle with an automatic safety shield

A single use safety needle featuring an automatic safety lock designed to reduce the chance of unwanted needle sticks before and after use; the needle is surrounded by a plastic shield that hides it from view even while injecting.


Universal Compatibility

NovoFine R AutoCover TM 30G 8mm

novo nordisk



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