I am designed with comfort in mind

NovoFine R Plus


NovoFine® Plus is designed to make injections more comfortable for you

Comfort-base technology

comfort base technology

Flat, comfort-base technology eliminates discomfort caused by narrow, hard plastic needle bases

Less pain associated with ultra-thin 32G, the thickness of 2 human hairs1,2,4

Less risk of injecting into the muscle with 4 mm length3

Unique needle design to reduce the risk of bending or breakage7

SuperFlow™ technology

superflow technology SuperFlowTM technology, with its extra-thin wall, allows for 31% higher flow

Reduced injection time and force with SuperFlowTM technology6

Universal compatibility

universal squareCompatible with all insulin and GLP-1 pen devices in Canada8

Suitable for people of all ages and weights5

Learn about the benefits of comfort-base technology

See the ultra-thin needle: the thickness of 2 human hairs with extra-thin wall

Click on the needle and drag down to see a different angle. Click and drag down again to see a third angle. Click and drag up to return to previous angles.

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