Tips for a more comfortable
injection experience1

Pick the right site and rotate

The main injection sites are the thighs, abdomen or buttocks. Rotating your injection sites improves the comfort and effectiveness of injections:

  • Divide your injection site into halves or quarters and use a different half/quarter every week
  • Move in a clockwise direction by about the width of a finger from the last injection point

Inject into the right layer

Your injectable diabetes medications are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer. Injecting into the dermis or muscle tissue can be sources of injection discomfort.

Use a new needle every time

Even if you think your needle still looks like new, it should only be used once. Reusing needles may:

  • Damage the tips and protective coating, making injections painful and cause bleeding or bruising
  • Result in blockage, making it more difficult to deliver your medicine during the next injection
  • Increase the risk of breakage, which can damage your skin


1. FIT Forum for Injection Technique Canada. Recommendations for Best Practice in Injection Technique (3rd Edition). 2017.